Now and Zen Teacher Training Information

Teacher Training Information

We have our next 300 hour will start in August 2023!  We meet on Friday evenings, All day Saturday and Sundays on the weekends that we meet.  We will also have 17  Wednesday Zoom meetings from 6:00-8:00pm and 20 hours of online anatomy work. You will need to be able to attend all of the weekends so it is important to look at your calendar carefully before committing to the training. Our dates are:

August 2-3                    November 8-10      March 7-9
August 23-25               December 6-8
September 20-22       January 10-12
October 25-27              February 7-9

Cost: $3,900   Early bird discount if paid in full by July 1: $36,00. $500 non-refundable deposit is required to hold a space in the training. Payment plans are available.

In this training we will have a deeper focus on the therapeutic aspects of yoga as well as philosophy. We will continue on our journey of becoming the best teachers we can be as we look inward to our own personal goals and challenges. We will focus on adapting classes to meet the needs of our students, how to avoid burn out and how to promote ourselves.

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During our time together we will:

  • Do Pose breakdowns of various standing poses (hips facing forward, hips opening), seated poses, twisting poses, arm balances, inversions, forward folds and backbends. We will look at the poses from an anatomy perspective, an energetic perspective as well as how yoga can help us in our daily lives.
  • Learn about Bandhas, Mudras, Chakras, and Pranayama
  • Touch upon Ayurveda and the Doshas
  • Learn Sanskit as it relates to the yoga practice
  • Read and discuss the Yoga Sutras by Patanjali, and the Bagavad Gita
  • Look at the ethics of being a yoga instructor
  • Study anatomy for Yoga, and look at common issues that you will see in students.
  • Learn different techniques for planning and sequencing classes
  • Learn modifications and how to teach multi-level classes as well as various types of classes (gentle, yin, flow etc)
  • Learn how to be a well rounded teacher by planning classes as a group, working towards planning classes by yourself.

I am so excited to embark on this journey. I hope you decide to join us!


Monday- Friday 8:00am-12:00pm
Monday- Thursday 4:00-7:00pm

We are a small studio and do not always have someone at the front desk. We are available 15 minutes before and after classes. Please refer to the class schedule for class times.

When we are in class or at lunch we will not be able to assist you in the boutique or with purchases, but information is available at the front desk for you to take. Please feel free to call before coming in so we can make sure someone is here to assist you.