Massage Therapy

Now and Zen Yoga
Massage Therapy Specialists
Kim Mallory: 209-712-1218

1/2 hour


1 Hour


75 Minutes


4 -1 hour sessions


Aroma Touch

30 Mintues

What are the benefits
of Massage Therapy?

– Relaxation
– Releases toxins and lactic acid
– Lowers blood pressure
– Stress reduction
– Pain relief
– Improves circulation and flexibility


Monday- Friday 8:00am-12:00pm
Monday- Thursday 4:00-7:00pm

We are a small studio and do not always have someone at the front desk. We are available 15 minutes before and after classes. Please refer to the class schedule for class times.

When we are in class or at lunch we will not be able to assist you in the boutique or with purchases, but information is available at the front desk for you to take. Please feel free to call before coming in so we can make sure someone is here to assist you.