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Lodi, CA

Yoga, Pilates, Massage, Skin Care and Energy Healing

We pride ourselves on making yoga and pilates accessible to everyone. We offer a wide range of classes from therapeutic to advanced.

Yoga is a mind-body practice designed to improve overall health, strength, flexibility, and mental clarity in people of all ages and fitness levels. Yoga classes at Now and Zen are a safe and friendly way to learn and practice yoga. Our small class size allows us of help each student find their safest and most beneficial practice for their body. We believe that it is not about your body finding the perfect pose, it’s about finding the perfect pose for your body.

Now and Zen Yoga Studio has wonderful experienced people who offer Personal Training, TRX Suspension Training, Massage Therapy, Skin Care and Energy Healing. Now and Zen is so much more than a yoga studio! Look under the About link for more information on these services.


New 9 Week Beginning Yoga Series starts February 26!  Please join us anytime during the series.  We have a different focus each week and do revisit things as the series continues so if you miss a few weeks you will still benefit from the classes. 

Mondays at 4:15pm: Wednesdays at 6:45pm: Fridays at 10:00am: Saturdays at 9:30am


Yoga and the Mind

Our mind controls not only the movements of our bodies but our emotions as well.  If we can learn to see the patterns in our thought processes we are better able to make changes that can lead us to a more clear and steady mind. As humans, we all have mental and emotional fluctuations. Yoga helps us to start the change from negative thoughts to positive ones, and eventually even reducing those fluctuations so that we do experience times of a completely calm and centered mind.

Dr. Ganesh Mohan of Svastha Yoga will be coming to Now and Zen for a 5 day workshop March 17-21. The focus will be on  Yoga and the Mind: with focus on Depression and Addiction.  The days run from 9:30am-5:00pm.  The cost for the 5 days is $600 until the end of February, and $650 after March 1.  If you have more questions or would like to see more: please visit and click on Yoga Therapy.  We will be doing Module 5.  You can also call Deb at 369-7841.

We have moved! Our new location is 369 S. Lower Sacramento Rd. Suite B (Raley’s Shopping Center)



Always for new student to the studio- 1st month of Unlimited Classes- $50!

now-and-sen-yogaYour first class is FREE for locals!!

Lodi Yoga SrudioMay all beings be filled with loving kindness ~ May all beings be well

May all beings be peaceful and at ease ~ May all beings be happy

Benefits of Yoga

  • Improves strength, flexibility and balance
  • Improves concentration and memory
  • Helps with mild depression and anxiety
  • Reduces high blood pressure
  • Improves sleep
  • Brings about emotional stability and clarity of mind
  • Improves digestion


Lodi Wellness Center

Now & Zen

369 S. Lower Sacramento Rd., Suite B, Lodi , CA  95242
Phone: (209) 369-7841