“My husband and I move frequently for work, so I am “new” to studios on a regular basis. Far and away Now and Zen is the warmest, most safe/welcoming I have encountered. Classes are high quality and instructors exhibit great expertise.  They are gracious and kind.  Now and Zen has the most attentive bunch of instructors I have seen frequently making loving corrections all around the room. Students are equally engaged and happy.  It is palpable! I love the continuity from class to class. The energy is the same warm and positive.  I leave each class smiling.  I am so happy here.” – Millie

“After years of exercise other than walking, I realized that I needed to work on my core and upper-body.  I was having backaches.  But I absolutely hate gyms with crowds and loud music. Pilates, Yoga and TRX at Now and Zen are a great way to strengthen in peace and with mindfulness.  My back-aches are gone.” -Ellen

“Pilates and yoga help achieve good posture, core strength, both which instill confidence. To carry yourself tall and confidently is empowering.  For me personally, it is also a perfect compliment to cycling. The long-term health benefits are an added bonus.”- Jan